miércoles, 9 de septiembre de 2009


Oh Lord

Let me die alone by my own side

Oh Lord forget to forgive me

Cos I want my sins to be recalled

Let me rejoice in all my punished crimes


We’ll break our bodies in the room with no walls

Over the sweetest whips & the sweaty teeth


We’ll tear our thighs in the scene with no frames

Under the sharpest tongues & the gentle blood

Of our scars


Then we’ll place the gun under the children’s pillow

And we’ll decorate our sex with glittering skin


Then we’ll place the blade in the Holy Ghost’s hand

And we’ll walk hand in hand into the womb

Of our murder

(Let’s drink to death)

Suicidons-nous dans la joie sur les enfants

Ruisselons notre sang

Allongeons-nous sur les feuilles sèches

Sur la forêt pour observer nos corps se fondre

Et s'eteindre

Oh Lord

Allow me die by her shattered side

Oh Lord regret our divine existence

Cos we want our desire to be earthly

Let us rejoice with the pain of the nails

Notre amour comme un fantôme dans une chambre vide

Dans un motel vide

Avec les murs vides de sueur

Le long d'une autoroute vide

Quelque part

Your voice like dead wood

Spreads its roots thru my veins

And a broken child cried

Inhaling the burning flesh

Of the slaughtered lamb our union is

(I took my gun and vanished)*

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